Minor League PA Operator Tossed From Game After Playing 'Three Blind Mice' Directed at UmpiresEjections are rather commonplace during baseball games.

Players get ejected. Managers get ejected. Even bench coaches and fans can be ejected on rare occasions. But the ballpark announcer? That’s a new one.

Daytona Cubs PA announcer Derek Dye was ejected by umpire Mario Seneca on Wednesday, after Dye played “Three Blind Mice” on the stadium speakers following a questionable call.

Daytona is the Chicago Cubs’ Single-A affiliate based out of Daytona Beach, Florida. In the absence of a speaker operator, a Cubs’ fan was placed in charge of calling out player intros from the stands.

UPDATE: There is now video (it’s awesome), and it can be seen here.

Photo via Facebook/Daytona Cubs