NBA 2K13 Reveals Cool-Looking All-Star Gameplay Features That Are Not In the Game (Video)


Man, the NBA All-Star Game, dunk contest and 3-point competition game modes in the new trailer for NBA 2K13 sure look cool. We cannot wait to buy a copy and not play them.

That is because NBA 2K13, which will be released Oct. 2, does not have any of those features in the actual retail version of the game most people will buy off the shelf. According to the fine print in the video trailer (seriously, who puts fine print in a commercial for a video game?), the All-Star game, dunk contest and 3-point competition are all extra "downloadable content."

So do not slap down your $59.99 expecting to recreate Julius Erving's foul line dunk or Terence Stansbury's "Statue of Liberty" slam unless you have an Xbox LIVE subscription and free space on your hard drive. Some people might call that a rip off. Actually, everybody should.

Check out the trailer, complete with all the cool features that are not in the game, in the video below.

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