NHL Players Association Making Significant Strides to Work Out Labor Deal, Avoid Lockout (Video)


The NHL and its players have been deadlocked in negotiations for weeks with little to no headway being made. But that all changed on Tuesday.

After seeing a lockout as a reasonable expectation for nearly a month, the NHLPA came to the bargaining table with a more than fair offer in Toronto on Tuesday. The proposal laid out a number of important issues and saw the players relinquish their right to a good stake in the revenue — something the owners made a point of in their own proposal back in July.

The newest offer provides hope that both sides may ultimately avoid any sort of lockout and return to work in time for the season, but former NHLPA executive director Paul Kelly isn't so sure just yet.

Kelly joined Jamison Coyle on NESN Daily to discuss the proposal and what it will take to get a deal done.

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