Peyton Manning Admits He’s Not Same Quarterback, Doesn’t Possess the Same Arm Strength


Peyton Manning Admits He's Not Same Quarterback, Doesn't Possess the Same Arm StrengthPeyton Manning will constantly be under the microscope this season. But while the elder Manning looks to regain the form that helped him win four NFL MVPs, he doesn't seem so confident that he is that guy anymore.

Only a day after younger brother Eli Manning confessed that Peyton is the "better quarterback," Peyton admitted during an interview with Jim Rome on Rome  that he no longer possesses the same skills that saw him earn the title of "best quarterback in football" for over a decade.

"I still have strength to recover, still have work to do," Manning said. "I am 36 years old. My arm has a lot of yards and a lot of touchdowns on it, so it's probably not going to be the same as it was when it was 22, but I still think it can complete some passes. I can move the chains and hopefully get our offense into the end zone this year."

Of course Manning isn't going to be the same quarterback as he was nearly 15 years ago, no one should expect that sort of vigor and elite strength to come from a near 40-year-old. But while the expectations for No. 18 have definitely been tempered, those sorts of comments just carry a sense of uncertainty and a lack of confidence.

John Elway's decision to pay Manning an obscene amount of money — nearly $100 million — to be the quarterback of the Denver Broncos was a risk the team's executive vice president of football operations thought to be worth taking. But if Manning's attitude is going to be one that lacks certainty or confidence in his abilities, then maybe he wasn't worth the time and money after all.

Could this all be an immediate overreaction to some passing comments during an otherwise entertaining interview? Sure. But if those words are a true representation of Manning's attitude, then Denver could be looking for a successor a lot sooner than they had hoped.

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