P.K. Subban’s Offseason Diet Plan Includes Ordering a Whole Cow From Farm (Video)


P.K. Subban
's typical offseason includes training, preparing, resting and eating an entire cow.

Yes, the Canadiens defenseman will see your summer grilling habits and do you one better, eating steak sometimes multiple times a day as part of his offseason nutrition program.

"I eat a lot of protein — steak in the morning, steak in the afternoon, fish, chicken," Subban told NHL.com at his training facility. "At the start of the summer I order a whole cow from a grain-fed farm. I have it at my parents' house and my mom will season [the butchered meat], and I'll pick them up to have steaks for the week."

The strict diet laid out was provided by Subban's personal trainer, Clance Laylor, who also has eliminated all grain, wheat and dairy products from the defenseman's summer diet. Laylor said Subban doesn't tolerate carbs well, so carbs are therefore limited in Subban's eating plans.

According to NHL.com, Laylor, who happens to be married to Subban's cousin, is the Canadian's summer body coach and in-season adviser. He's seen some great strides from Subban in their more than three years of working together.

"I think last year people realized how strong [Subban] is," Laylor said. "I think people took him for a skill guy, but last year they got a sense that he can pack a wallop and hold his own on the ice."

Subban, 23, is entering his fourth NHL season. If he keeps eating whole cows and lifting, he should be mooooooving fellow defensemen out of Carey Price's way in no time, becoming utter-ly dominant in the process. (Bad, bad, bad joke.)

Awful humor aside, check out Subban's workout in the video below, courtesy of NHL.com.

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