President Barack Obama Congratulates Women’s Gymnastics Team, Claims He Can’t Walk Across Balance Beam (Video)


August 1, 2012

President Barack Obama just loves talking about sports.

First he was booed after thanking people in Boston for trading Kevin Youkilis to his Chicago White Sox. Then he messed up the Miami Heat’s name while congratulating them on their championship.

Fortunately for the President, his latest sports-related speech was without error. President Obama recently congratulated Team USA’s women’s gymnastics team on their gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

President Obama said he “doesn’t understand how they do what they do,” and asked the team “how do you not bust your head every time you’re on that little balance beam?”

Gymnastics are clearly not the President’s sport, as he said “I couldn’t walk across that balance beam.”

No word from Mitt Romney on whether or not he has mastered the beam yet. If either candidate could, it would be no surprise if it was used in a corny campaign metaphor about a need for a stability or a balancing ability.

Check out the video of President Obama’s speech in the video below, via SportsGrid.

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