Report: Dodgers May Be Interested In Pursuing Red Sox First Baseman Adrian Gonzalez This OffseasonWhen reports broke that both Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett were placed on waivers this week, there were few eyebrows raised. After all, during this stretch of August, just about anyone and everyone within a line drive of a Major League ballpark is placed on waivers, if the so-called "experts" are right.

But the Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Dodgers may look at the Sox placing Gonzalez on waivers as a jumping off point to inquire about the first baseman this offseason.

The report indicates that an LA Times source believes the Dodgers inquired on Gonzalez and Beckett leading up to the July 31 nonwaiver trade deadline.

The nine-time All-Star, who has six years and $127 million remaining on his contract after this year, has a limited no-trade clause but cannot block a move to the Dodgers.