Report: NFL Informs Teams That Replacement Officials Will Begin Regular SeasonBrace yourself, NFL fans who have had issues with officiating this preseason. You're about to have issue with them in the regular season, too.

NFL Network's Albert Breer reports that the league's replacement officials will begin the season, as the lockout of the league's referees continues. According to Breer, teams were informed of the news on Wednesday afternoon. obtained a copy of the memo, which also states specifics of the hang-ups in the league's ongoing negotiations.

"Our last offer," it reads, "tendered to the union prior to the beginning of the lockout, would have given officials significant annual pay increases. Nonetheless, there remains a considerable gap between us. The officials continue to insist on larger overall pay increases, as well as greater amounts devoted for nongame compensation, than we consider reasonable in light of economic developments of recent years and compensation trends for other league and team employees."

The league's replacement officials have been the subject of ridicule and criticism throughout the preseason. The replacement refs are made up of officials from the high school and college levels.