Bill Belichick Making Sean Payton’s Presence Felt in Patriots-Saints Practices (Video)


Sean Payton may not be allowed to be with his Saints team during training camp — or the entire 2012 season for that matter — but that hasn't kept New Orleans' head man from making his presence felt.

While the Saints shared a practice field with the New England Patriots in preparation of their preseason game on Thursday night, Patriots coach Bill Belichick made sure to incorporate Payton into the daily activities. So while the two teams scrimmaged, the big board in the background played the music video for Kenny Chesney's "The Boys of Fall," which just so happens to include an extended cameo and some inspirational words by Payton.

Payton's inclusion in the practice, albeit brief, may for all intended purposes have been a mere coincidence. But in all likelihood, it was a way for Belichick to show some sort of solidarity for his friend who has been noticeably absent from the opposing sidelines.

Belichick likely shares some of the same resentment towards the NFL that Payton is feeling after being suspended for the entirety of the 2012 schedule. In 2008, when the Spygate scandal was made public, the Patriots were hit with what were then seen as harsh penalties. So with Payton missing in action, due to his role in the Saints alleged bounty program, Belichick seems to have extended a friendly offering to the Saints organization with Wednesday's video gesture.

Check out the video below to see the video of Payton played during Wednesday's practice.

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