Snoop Dogg’s Transition to Snoop Lion Brings to Mind Top 10 Athlete Name Changes (Photos)


Snoop Dogg's Transition to Snoop Lion Brings to Mind Top 10 Athlete Name Changes (Photos)Snoop Dogg is no more.

The rapper has traded his longtime D-O-Double G name in favor of Snoop Lion, which he says is a decision he made based on his transition from rap to reggae. Of course, this isn't the first name change Snoop Lion has undergone. He was born Calvin Cordozar Broadus way before he became a global rap icon.

Snoop's recent transition is just one on a long list of celebrity name changes. Whether done for religious reasons, done in an effort to start a new chapter or simply done as a change of pace, celebrities are constantly changing their names, and thus reminding us that the name you start your life with isn't necessarily going to be the one you finish it with.

Athletes are no different. Over the years, we've seen some interesting name changes. Some sort of evolved from already standing nicknames, while others deviated completely from the athlete's original identity.

Metta World Peace and Chad Ochocinco (who has since switched back to Chad Johnson) are a couple of examples of athletes who decided to change things up in the name department. They're certainly not the only ones, though, so here's a look at some other famous athlete name changes.

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