Tim Tebow, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III Among Players Well-Described by 'Top Gun' QuotesDirector Tony Scott passed away on Sunday at the age of 68, and though he directed the NASCAR flick Days of Thunder, he's probably best known for his work on the 1986 film Top Gun, starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.

Top Gun is full of famous quotes, and more than a few of them apply to the upcoming NFL season. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick probably felt "the need for speed" when he picked up Olympic silver medal-winning sprinter Jeff Demps on Friday. As always, the league abounds with storylines, from Peyton Manning taking charge in Denver, Andrew Luck replacing him in Indianapolis, Drew Brees playing without a coach in New Orleans and much, much more.

Check out the photo gallery to see which players and teams are best described by some of Top Gun's most famous quotes.

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