Tim Tebow Second to Mark Sanchez — at Least in Madden 2013 Ratings

by NESN Staff

August 25, 2012

Say what you will about the wild, shirtless affair that has been the non-quarterback battle for the New York Jets.

The final authority has spoken, and unless Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are going to be facing each other on an NFL field anytime, Madden 2013 will have the ruling on who the better quarterback is.

Sanchez has a better player rating and gets the starting spot for the Jets in the game's newest version, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Sanchez is given an overall rating of 80 in the game compared to Tebow's 77. Madden also has the Jets offense set up with Sanchez as the default starter and Tebow as the backup, participating in a "limited role" in the offense, according to Yahoo!

While Tebow does best Sanchez in a few of the rating categories, such as speed (Tebow is rated at 81, compared to Sanchez at 69) and agility (88-70), Tebow falls somewhat behind in throw accuracy.

It looks like coach Rex Ryan may have an unexpected ally when he goes to explain why he wants Sanchez to start.

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Tim Tebow Second to Mark Sanchez -- at Least in Madden 2013 Ratings

Lakers rookie Robert Sacre had a little something missing during his rookie photo shoot. Turns out some new guy named Dwight Howard wears his usual No. 12.

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