Vin Scully Says ‘Blinkin’ Fertilizer’ to Keep Audience’s Ears Safe During Rockies Manager Jim Tracy’s Tirade (Video)


Great broadcasters do a variety of favors for fans watching from home. They provide important play-by-play details that people away from the field can't see. They give thoughtful analysis of story angles and intrigue unknown to those outside the team.

And sometimes, when another team's manager loses it and starts yelling at the umpires, they provide a thoughtful lip-reading — complete with in-the-moment curse word substitution, to keep the show family-friendly.

Vin Scully, one of the greatest commentators in baseball and all of sports, was up to the task Monday night.

As Rockies manager Jim Tracy jogged onto the field and lit into the umpires after an overturned call, Scully was there to translate Tracy's choice words — using his own euphemisms, from the classic "darn" all of the way to "blinkin' fertilizer."

Scully also predicted Tracy's fate at one point in the outburst, keeping fans one step ahead in the game.

While Scully has had trouble before keeping up with the new whims of broadcasting and social media, he's still one of the best when dealing with normal baseball.

See why Scully's play-by-play is a cut above in the video below.

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