Aaron Rodgers a Big Fan of ‘Celebrity Jeopardy,’ Finds ‘Smugness of Alex Trebek’ to Be Hilarious


Aaron Rodgers a Big Fan of 'Celebrity Jeopardy,' Finds 'Smugness of Alex Trebek' to Be HilariousOne man has the ability to make Aaron Rodgers laugh more than anyone: Jeopardy host Alex Trebek.

Rodgers recently dropped by ESPN Radio Milwaukee to discuss a number of topics, including the Packers' Week 1 loss, the team's defense, the replacement officials and 9/11. At the end, Rodgers was asked what exactly makes him laugh, and the mild-mannered QB had a pretty funny answer.

"The smugness of Alex Trebek when he corrects a contestant on Jeopardy," Rodgers said. "I just think it's so incredible. It's like, 'Alex, really, you knew that one?' I mean, he's just so smug about it sometimes. I love Celebrity Jeopardy. That's another one of my favorite things. I mean, SNL and MAD TV has been the source of a lot of laughter. The MAD TV did a spoof on the Abercrombie commercials, and just Abercrombie in general that's just unbelievable, so I would recommend going and checking that out if you have a little time."

Rodgers clearly has a sense of humor, even if he doesn't always show it during the course of a game. In many ways, that's the mark of a good quarterback or, at the very least, one that's very marketable. The Packers signal caller admitted during the interview that he's actually worried about overexposure, but he's been picking his spots when it comes to commercials thus far.

Imagine Rodgers' reaction if Trebek busted out a Discount Double Check.

Check out the quarterback's humor on display in the video below.


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