Cody Ross Says He Turned Down $10,000 to Wear His Son’s Baseball Pants in Game (Video)


Baseball players are often times all about style, but Cody Ross took things to a new level earlier this week.

The Red Sox outfielder wore his 5-year-old son’s baseball pants to batting practice, and the result was, well, interesting.

Ross appeared on MLB Network’s Intentional Talk on Thursday, and he explained that the change in pants was actually a mix-up. He told Kevin Millar and Chris Rose that his son’s pants were in the same bag as his own stuff, and he didn’t know he was putting on the smaller pants until he had a leg in them.

His teammates got a kick out of the new look for Ross, and he says there was about $10,000 on the table for him to wear the pants in an acutal game. For fear of a wardrobe malfunction, however, Ross turned the deal down.

See him talk about that, Jarrod Saltalamacchia‘s “hair” and more in the video below.

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