Cody Ross Focuses on Staying Positive Amidst Red Sox’ First Losing Season Since 1997


Cody Ross Focuses on Staying Positive Amidst Red Sox' First Losing Season Since 1997Cody Ross has been on both ends of the baseball spectrum.

With the San Francisco Giants in 2010, the outfielder reached the pinnacle of Major League Baseball by winning the World Series. This season, with the Red Sox — and also in the past with the Marlins — he's endured life at the bottom of the barrel.

Ross said he understands losing can take a mental toll on players. That's why he stresses the need for positivity amid tough times — a sentiment he reiterated after the Red Sox dropped another series to the Orioles.

"The only thing we can do right now is stay positive and keep grinding, keep fighting a pitch at a time, as they say," Ross said. "So we'll keep doing that."

These days, it's easier said than done. Bogged down in the bottom of the American League East, the Red Sox will finish with a losing record this year for the first time since 1997.

The struggles, along with off-the-field distractions, have brought an avalanche of criticism. For some players, the negativity that stems from losing could serve as a distraction, especially in a city like Boston, which demands excellence from its sports teams.

But Ross says that's what comes with the territory as a professional baseball player. He plans to stick to that mentality regardless of the team's record.

"Nobody is really thriving right now," Ross said. "But we're professionals, and we have to keep grinding, keep working, keep playing hard, keep trying to win. The fans want to come and see us win. It would be nice to do that for them."

Ross is planning on some positive results to go with that positive thinking.

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