Deron Williams, Reggie Evans Play Rookie Prank on MarShon Brooks, Who Is Not a Rookie (Photo)


Sep 25, 2012

Being a rookie in the NBA is not always a dream come true. First-year players need to put up with a lot of nonsense, from lugging around bags for veterans to making late-night Taco Bell runs for a star with the munchies.

The hazing is an unfortunate cross rookies must bear without complaint, but at least it is only for one year. Unless, of course, you are MarShon Brooks.

Brooks, a guard with the Brooklyn Nets, was the victim of a rookie prank recently at the hands of Deron Williams and Reggie Evans, who filled the Providence College product's car with popcorn and then tweeted about it. Williams and Evans seemed pretty proud of their little stunt.

"Enjoying some popcorn out of the rookMarshon Brooks car w/@reggieevans30," Williams tweeted Tuesday along with a couple of photos. One photo showed Brooks' Acura filled with delicious popped kernels of corn, and another showed Williams and Evans chowing down on the timeless buttered snack.

There was only one problem: Brooks is not a rookie.

Brooks appeared in 56 games last season with the New Jersey Nets, a fact Williams should recall since they were teammates and all. Maybe Williams and Evans were acting off the technicality that Brooks is still a rookie until training camp starts next week, but that seems sort of unfair. The Nets have a whole new batch of rookies to screw with, such as Tornike Shengelia, Tyshawn Taylor and Mirza Teletovic.

And the photo in question is definitely from this season, not something left over from last season only being tweeted now. We know this because Williams' T-shirt clearly says "Brooklyn," whereas last season it would have said "New Jersey."

Oh well. Poor MarShon will just have to comfort himself with the thought of his $1.2 million second-year guaranteed salary.

Check out Williams and Evans' schenanigans by clicking on the tweet below.

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