Packers fans are going to be sore about this one for a while.

A local Green Bay TV station has played to the vitriol surrounding the Packers' controversial last-second loss to the Seahawks, bringing in a "replacement weatherguy" to mangle the weather just as badly as Packers fans feel the NFL's replacement refs mangled Monday night's results.

The weatherguy was not only disheveled and out of his element but was also pulling out weather calls that showed a clear misunderstanding of basic meteorology, from his thunderblizzards to the minus-200 temperatures he was calling for in late September. (Those don't come in Green Bay until January, folks.)

The regular, spruced-up weatherman rushed in to displace the replacement and end the hometown-pleasing ruse, but not before the nice people of Wisconsin had to wonder how something as innocuous as catching the weather forecast could remind them of the worst night of their lives.

See the weatherguy take on the thunderblizzard in the video below.