Jets Rookie Damon Harrison Earns Nickname 'Big Snacks,' Motivated by Rice Krispie Treats He Won't EatDamon Harrison‘s new strict diet has him hungry for some success along the Jets’ front line this season.

Harrison’s diet hasn’t always been perfect, though. The defensive tackle is a monster at 6-foot-4 and 335 pounds, and he quickly gained a unique nickname after being signed as an undrafted free agent this offseason: Big Snacks.

According to SportsNet New York’s Jets blog, defensive line coach Karl Dunbar used to leave Rice Krispie Treats on Harrison’s desk during team meetings throughout minicamp and training camp. Dunbar apparently wanted to encourage the big man to lose weight and thus become more mobile, and using the tasty treats was his way of motivating the rookie.

“He would often leave one there for me, just leave it there and not say a word,” Harrison told “I never had one that he put in front of me. Sometimes, I’d turn it on him and leave one on his desk.”

Harrison played defensive tackle at William Penn University before going undrafted. His story is one that’s right out of a movie, as Hurricane Rita reportedly ripped apart his Louisiana town. He reportedly was also cut from his junior high team and his junior college team before going to William Penn and eventually landing on the Jets’ 53-man roster.

Getting to the point he’s at now has required Harrison to work hard, both at his game and at his diet. You could probably say he’s a much more nutritious fellow these days.

“Salads right now,” Harrison reportedly said, shaking his head at his locker. “Right now, just eating a lot of salads.”

Harrison reportedly doesn’t like the nickname of “Big Snacks,” even though it seems to be sticking around in the Jets locker room. Then again, as long as he’s also sticking around in the locker room, the nickname isn’t that bad, right?

Photo via Twitter/@BigDame900