Kyrylo Fesenko, Who Led NBA In Obscure Statistical Category Last Season, Reportedly Invited to Bulls CampThe best rebounder in the NBA appears to be headed to the
Chicago Bulls.

Settle down. Dwight Howard, who led the league with 14.5
rebounds per game last season, is still a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. The
man who is set to join the Bulls, ESPN reports, is Kyrylo Fesenko, the 25-year-old Unkrainian
center who led the league last season with a 27.3 rebounding percentage.

Granted, Fesenko only played in three games for a total of
17 minutes, but nabbing more than a quarter of the available missed shots while
he was on the court is still pretty good, right? And because the NBA does not
have a minimum game limit to determine the leader in such a little-used advanced
statistic, Fesenko stands as the 2011-12 rebounding percentage champ.

Congratulations, Kyrylo.

Fesenko spent the first four years of his NBA career with
the Utah Jazz, but was let go in the summer of 2011 after he suffered a knee
injury playing with the Ukrainian national team. The 7-foot-1 center has
shot-blocking potential but has had difficulty staying on the court — he has
averaged 7.3 fouls per 36 minutes for his career.

Photo via Facebook/Kyrylo Fesenko