Manny Ramirez ‘Sometimes’ Misses Baseball, But Now Has ‘Incredible Peace’


Manny Ramirez
really fell off the map after cutting short his comeback bid with the Athletics in June. Now, a much more religious, positive, appreciative Ramirez is back on the map, although he understands his baseball career could be over.

USA Today's Jorge L. Ortiz tracked down Ramirez at the slugger's home at a gated community in Miami. Ramirez — who Ortiz describes as "wearing sweatpants, a ragged shirt and a quizzical smile on his face" — greeted the reporter with open arms, before then opening up about his past, present and future.

"I feel good. My family's good," Ramirez reportedly said. "Thanks to God, I have a peace I'd never had. I have an incredible peace."

No one really knew the status of Ramirez until now. The 40-year-old flunked two tests for performance-enhancing drugs, and was arrested in April 2011 following a domestic incident involving his wife — those charges were eventually dropped. After Ramirez asked for and was granted his release from the A's, many assumed his baseball career was over, and he understands that could be the case.

"If the Lord says that's it, they're not going to open the door for you, I would say, 'Thank you Lord for the opportunity you gave me,'" Ramirez reportedly said. "He controls the situation.

"Sometimes I miss it, but I try to fill that void by taking my kids to their basketball games, their baseball games, taking them everywhere."

Ramirez went on to say that he's already had his glory "on the street," so he therefore must now seek his glory in the "Kingdom of God."

For those hoping Manny would once again be Manny at a nearby ballpark, news of a content and peaceful Ramirez is kind of disappointing. He's clearly a man who understands there's life after baseball, though, so perhaps we won't hear from Ramirez for another three months or so.

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Manny Ramirez 'Sometimes' Misses Baseball, But Now Has 'Incredible Peace'

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