Mexican Soccer Fan Faceplants While Diving for Ball in Stands (Video)Mexico was home to the soccer world’s most lighthearted moment of the weekend.

A fan fell flat on his face while trying to catch a ball that went into the stands, and cameras caught it as it happened.

The incident took place at the Estadio Morelas in Morelia, Mexico, in the second half of Monarcas Morelia’s game against UNAM Pumas. It pretty much happened as advertised — the man reached and fell … hard. There’s not too much more to add.

Fans who were sitting nearby teamed up with the television announcer to ensure that no one worried about the man’s well being. They all had a good laugh, and you probably will too.

Oh, Pumas won 1-0. That is all.


Thumbnail photo via Facebook/Pumas UNAM