Michael Jordan very well could be the greatest basketball player the world has ever seen, but the list of things he's not so good at seems to be getting significantly longer.

A baseball player? Not so great. An NBA owner? There have certainly been better. Now Jordan can add something new to his list of shortcomings: fashion mogul.

Although Jordan certainly brought a winning presence to the Medinah
Country Club in Illinois this weekend, his outfit was not up to par. Donning acid-washed jeans and what appeared to be the dry land version of a life preserver, Jordan stuck out like a sore thumb in a sea of polo shirts and khaki pants.

The captains and representatives of the U.S. welcomed Jordan with open arms on the first tee box at the Ryder Cup Friday morning, but those who woke up to watch the first shots of the opening round probably wish they hadn't. One would think that someone who has lost as much money on a golf course as Jordan would at least know how to dress for the occasion.

Check out the photo below to fully understand the horrors of his attire.

Michael Jordan Appears to Miss Golf Attire Memo at Ryder Cup (Photo)