Michael Vick Stat Change Alters Outcome of 6,239 Fantasy MatchupsMonday night's Fail Mary referee debacle showed how quickly fate can change with one call.

A reported $250 million in bets shifted after the game was called a win for the Seahawks rather than the Packers.

But, while that call was an error clear enough that the bookies refunded most people's money, other close calls may not leave fans so fortunate.

Those trusting their fate to the whims of the fantasy football world got a bit of a jolt this week when the official statistics ruling on a Michael Vick play changed the outcome of 6,239 fantasy matchups, according to NFL.com.

Vick had been hauled down by Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington for a 13-yard loss on a play that was originally ruled a sack (which wouldn't have affected Vick's personal stats). But the NFL ruled this week that the play was instead a 13-yard rushing loss, knocking points off Vick's totals in the 72 percent of leagues in which he was starting.

These days, football fans can just never be sure of a score or victory, although this one was at least not the referees' fault.