Munchie Legaux, Cincinnati Upset Virginia Tech on Last Minute Hail Mary (Video)When hundreds of college football games are going on at once, crazy upsets are bound to happen. This week was no different.

Cincinnati quarterback Munchie Legaux completed a 39-yard hail marry pass in the final 13 seconds to upset Virginia Tech on Saturday.

We may be burying the lead here though. There's a college football player named Munchie Legaux. Legaux was born Benton Shannon Legaux, and according to, got the nickname when he was two-years-old because his family thought it was funny to watch him try to eat with two missing front teeth.

Legaux chewed through the Virginia Tech defense for 376 yards and three touchdowns. He only completed 45.2-percent of his passes, but he hooked up on the most important play of the day.

Watch the video of the play below as Damon Julian just barely clears the end zone line before his knee touches down.