NFL Deletes Posts From League Facebook, Twitter Accounts After Controversial Packers-Seahawks Ending


The NFL is getting crushed in the court of public opinion following the Seahawks’ controversial 14-12 win over the Packers on Monday night.

Beyond that, the league is also drawing fire for pulling a couple of questionable posts from its social media platforms.

First, as Golden Tate‘s controversial Hail Mary reception was being discussed, the NFL’s Twitter account asked, “Touchdown or Interception?” with a #GBvsSEA hashtag. Then, as the social media world spiralled out of control debating just that, the league pulled the tweet.


That wasn’t the only social media front that the NFL had to retreat from, however. The league’s official Facebook page drew criticism after a possibly misleading photo accompanied a link to the game’s recap.


Roger Goodell likely has more important things than social media to concern himself with (like, say, negotiating a deal to get the “real” referees back) but it just goes to show how tonedeaf the league is from top to bottom as far as replacement refs are concerned.

Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@sethmcguire

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