NFL Referee Ed Hochuli Set to Make Return, Twitter Explains His WorkoutsThere's nothing better than watching NFL referee Ed Hochuli explain a flag on a Sunday. Not because of the penalty though, but becuase you get the pleasure of watching him flex his muscles.

Not only is Hochuli one of the best and most well-respected officials in the league, he's also in the best shape.

With an agreement between the NFL and their regular referees set in stone, we no longer have to watch the "Hochuli wannabees" prancing down the field and making absurd calls.

No referee's — replacement or regular — physique is even close to that of Hochuli's and NESN asked Twitter about what he does to get those muscles. Check out some of the responses below.

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Twitter Explains Ed Hochuli Workouts

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Gronk spikes Roger Goodell for locking him and fellow officials out. #EdHochuliWorkoutsCorey Chace
Sprints the Boston Marathon route #EdHochuliWorkoutsBrandon Chase
@NESN insults Ray Lewis' mom.. and doesnt give himself a head start #edhochuliworkoutsNick Buckman
@NESN @NESNDaily Showing Golde Tate how to properly pass interfere with one arm. #EdHochuliWorkoutsDanny Camacho
@NESN @nesndaily lifting Vernon Davis up to help him dunk on the cross bar after a TD #EdHochuliWorkoutsChris
@NESN throwing 50 yard passes to himself #EdHochuliWorkoutsDaniel Gawlak
Going up against Kevin Garnett in a Bar fight #EdHochuliWorkoutsKory Janelle
@NESN when there's an earthquake in Los Angeles, he grabs the ground and holds it still. #EdHochuliWorkoutsBob Orshak
@NESN arm wrestling Chuck Norris #EdHochuliWorkoutsNorm Lagasse
@NESN keg tosses the old rex ryan over the green monster (4×8) #EdHochuliWorkoutsJD
A real Lambeau Leap actually involves leaping over Lambeau Field. #EdHochuliWorkoutsBrian Sullivan
@NESN Bench pressing Brandon Dederick #EdHochuliWorkoutsdcarr
@NESN Arm wrestling The Hulk 3 times a week…and remaining unbeaten #EdHochuliWorkoutsBlake Smith
Does push-ups on hearing deal is done, pushes world down instead of getting back up #EdHochuliWorkoutsCorey Chace
Picking up all of the flags from the replacement refs #EdHochuliWorkouts @nesndailyJustin Kay
@NESN Lifts the metaphorical weight on Goodell's shoulder's with his left hand while drinking beer #EdHochuliWorkoutsHolt Murray
@NESN doing push ups when ANY football team scores #EdHochuliWorkoutsBlake Smith
@NESN Running the Boston Marathon with Danny Woodhead on his back. #EdHochuliWorkoutsTimothy Bizarro
@NESN Hand delivers Roger Goodell's bags of hate mail to him daily #EdHochuliWorkoutsEast Edwards
@NESN #EdHochuliWorkouts Pulls jets back to the terminal after they land…with his teethirishted