NFL Replacement Referees’ Subpar Week 2 Goes From Bad to Worse on ‘Monday Night Football’ (Video)


It's your move, Roger Goodell. Football fans want the real referees back, and they want them now.

The ongoing dispute between the league and the regular refs has forced the NFL to use replacement refs, and it's already abundantly clear that most of the replacements aren't quite qualified for the gig. The group of fill-ins did OK during the first week of the season, but Week 2 saw a number of instances in which they struggled to keep control.

The replacement refs were already under the gun before Monday night's Broncos-Falcons game because of their questionable Week 2, and things soon got worse. It took all of one quarter for the zebras to start struggling, as things nearly unraveled following a fumble and a brief scrum.

The Broncos actually came out of the pile with the football, but the refs determined that it was the Falcons' ball. Denver head coach  John Fox wasn't happy — a theme that continued throughout the game.

A scrum also broke out as part of the madness, with a rather lengthy delay ensuing as the refs tried to sort things out. Such delays started becoming the norm in Week 2, and it looks like the players and coaches are becoming increasingly frustrated with the replacement refs. That's something that has the potential to become disastrous, as we're now seeing more and more players and coaches push the limits when confronting the easily persuaded replacements.

Get it together, Roger. This is getting out of hand.

Check out Monday's chaos in the videos below.


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