Packers Lineman Says Golden Tate, Pete Carroll ‘Are Completely Full of Crap’ After Controversial Win


Packers Lineman Says Golden Tate, Pete Carroll 'Are Completely Full of Crap' After Controversial WinIt's not so much how the Seahawks won the game. That was enraging enough.

What has Packers guard Josh Sitton royally ticked off is how some members of the Seahawks have been acting like there was something legitimate about the victory.

After a controversial last-second play Monday night that will forever live in infamy, Sitton is still irked about the poor officiating — but he's more concerned with the character of the Seahawks.

"I would say the two biggest goats out of this whole thing are [Seattle coach] Pete Carroll and [wide receiver] Golden Tate," Sitton told the Green Bay Press Gazette. "They're calling it a good call, and Golden Tate saying he caught it and there was no push in the back. Be a man. You can be happy you won the game. I understand that. Stuff is going to happen. But be a man and admit it was a bull-crap call and stand up and have some integrity.

"How are you going to face the fricking team when they know it's bull crap? I think Golden Tate and Pete Carroll are completely full of crap."

While Carroll has said he thinks it's time for the replacement referees to go, he was unequivocal after the victory in saying he thought the Seahawks deserved the win — and in jumping around on the field in celebration (with an arms-raised touchdown symbol to boot) on Monday night.

Tate was a bit more brash in the aftermath of the game, bluntly declaring "I don't know what you're talking about" when asked about the shove he clearly gave a Packers defender. The push-off allowed Tate to weasel in and touch the ball as defender M.D. Jennings fell to the ground with an apparent interception. Tate got himself wrapped up with Jennings in such a way that the refs gave Seattle the touchdown and the win when it appeared Jennings had safely intercepted the ball and ended the game.

Sitton said he wished Carroll and Tate would have just said they were happy with the win but also admitted that the call was questionable.

As for the refs, Sitton said his impression during the end of the game was that the officials were more confused than anything. He, not surprisingly, joined the legion of critics calling for the replacement ref era to end.

"There needs to be something done," he said. "I wish I had an answer. … It's getting ridiculous, but I don't think [the NFL is] going to do anything about it."

As far as the league can tell, some people are still very happy with the replacement ref situation.

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