Pierre Garcon Given WWE Belt as ‘4th & Pain Champion,’ Reveals Favorite Wrestlers Growing Up (Video)


Robert Griffin III
stole the headlines following Washington’s Week 1 victory over New Orleans, but Pierre Garcon helped the quarterback a great deal.

Fortunately, Garcon’s solid effort hasn’t gone unnoticed. The wide receiver was given the first ever WWE 4th & Pain Championship Belt for helping to lead the Redskins to a win on Sunday.

Garcon, who racked up 109 yards on four catches, caught an 88-yard touchdown pass from RGIII that served as the game’s biggest highlight. The chemistry shown was reminiscent of Garcon’s chemistry with Peyton Manning while the two were in Indianapolis.

It’s unclear what exactly the 4th & Pain Championship Belt is based on, but who doesn’t love receiving a title belt? (Especially one with a spinning logo.)

Garcon, a wrestling fan growing up, was asked as part of the belt “presentation” who his favorite wrestler was back in the day, to which the Skins wideout said Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

Check out the video below to see Garcon accept the prestigious belt.

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