Pirates infielder Brock Holt hasn't been in the major leagues for very long, but he's been around long enough to dirty up a jersey or two. Apparently, he's used up his quota of the good ones.

Holt took the field on Monday afternoon for the Pirates sporting his usual No. 2 jersey — with one problem. Holt's number was sewn onto the wrong side of his jersey front, meaning that it was on his right side instead of the usual left.

In a tweet, the Pirates apologized for the error "made by a human being," which is reassuring, because everybody knows that the robot uprising will be led by broken jersey-sewing machines. Check out a photo of Holt's unique jersey in the photo below.

Pirates Infielder Brock Holt's Jersey Number Sewn Onto Wrong Side of Uniform (Photo)

Photo via Twitter/@SBerthiumeESPN