Report: Jose Mourinho Discovers Who Is Leaking Secrets of Real Madrid Dressing Room to MediaDue to the continuous reports in Spanish media revealing private information about Real Madrid's dressing room, manager Jose Mourinho has been working on finding the person or persons that are leaking the information to the media.

Spanish website El Confidential Digital reports that Mourinho has one suspect in sight. It is former Madrid general manager Jorge Valdano, who quit the job in May, 2011 due to his deep differences with the Portuguese coach.

According to the website, Valdano has a good relationship with some of the players in Madrid's squad and maintains good communication with them.

Mourinho thinks that these players tell Valdano inside information about the dressing room and that the Argentine passes this information to Spanish daily El Pais, which is the medium that has reported constantly on Madrid's dressing room stories, mostly through journalist Diego Torres.

El Confidencial Digital also says that the Real Madrid manager has not been able to find out which players are the ones who reveal the dressing room's secrets.

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