Report: Lance Armstrong Banned From Running Chicago MarathonLance Armstrong has given up his battle with the USADA over claims that he used performance-enhancing drugs, and the impact of that decision is beginning to make itself felt.

Armstrong will not be allowed to run in this year’s Chicago Marathon, according to Runner’s World, after race officials refused to accept the seven-time Tour de France champion into the field.

The Chicago Marathon is governed by USA Track & Field, which is bound to enforce rulings by the USADA. That means race organizers had to uphold Armstrong’s ban and cancel the former cyclist’s plans to run as a Livestrong Foundation team member, raising money for cancer research.

“It seems a little over the top to pursue him beyond the cycling arena to me,” Livestrong Austin Marathon and Half Marathon owner John Conley told Runner’s World.

Armstrong will also be banned from triathlon and road running events associated with USA Track & Field.

Thumbnail photo via Facebook/Lance Armstrong