Report: NFL to Address Controversial ‘Monday Night Football’ Ending on Tuesday


Report: NFL to Address Controversial 'Monday Night Football' Ending on TuesdayThe noise is apparently too loud even for the NFL to ignore. reports that the league will address the wildly controversial ending to Monday night's Seahawks-Packers game on Tuesday. According to's Alex Marvez, the league will issue a statement a at some point Tuesday.

The Packers, their fans and NFL fans in general are up in arms following the insane ending to Monday night's game. The officials ruled that Seattle receiver Golden Tate had indeed secured a last-second Hail Mary pass in the corner of the end zone for the win.

Replays seemed to indicate that Tate didn't have full possession of the football, and he may not have even had simultaneous possession with Green Bay defensive back M.D. Jennings, who appeared to have intercepted the pass. According to the NFL rulebook, simultaneous possession would be awarded to the offensive player.

The officials also missed what appeared to be a blatant push-off from Tate in the end zone, to gain separation from Green Bay's Sam Shields.

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