Report: Vince Young Would Spend $5,000 at Cheesecake Factory Every Week, Once Bought Out Entire Southwest Flight

by NESN Staff

September 20, 2012

Report: Vince Young Would Spend $5,000 at Cheesecake Factory Every Week, Once Bought Out Entire Southwest FlightAfter being drafted third overall in 2006, Vince Young was
expected to lead the Tennessee Titans into a new era of success. Six years
later, the one-time prized playmaker sits without a team and apparently without
any money.

Young is reportedly broke,
even after earning $26 million in guaranteed money from his rookie contract
alone. As it turns out, most of Young's money apparently sits in the cash
registers of the Nashville, Tenn., based Cheesecake Factory and TGI Fridays,
according to an interview with Nashville-area employees from Outkick the

During his five seasons in Tennessee, Young was a frequent
visitor to Cheesecake, TGI Fridays and a number of similar fine dining
establishments. The patronage wasn?t the problem; rather it was the sizable
bills Young would rack up during visits.

Young once spent $6,000 — yes, $6,000 — on a bill at the TGI
Fridays, according to one former employee interviewed in the story. He also
used to spend upwards of $5,000 each week at the Nashville Cheesecake Factory.
With those sorts of tabs piling up, he alone must have been keeping these
places in business.

The restaurants weren't Young's only foolish endeavor,
though. Young reportedly once bought out an entire Southwest flight from
from Nashville to Houston — aside from 10 passengers who had bought
ticktes before he laid claim — according to a student who was interviewed. That's about
120 tickets on a flight that probably costs $100 per. I understand a need for
space and comfort, but jeez, Vince, ever heard of first class?

With all that money being thrown around so frivolously, it's
no wonder that Young has turned up broke — a claim he vehemently denies.
And given his apparent diet, it's also no great shock that the Bills released
him during the preseason either.

Listen to the series of interviews with Nashville workers
about Young here.

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