Share Your Thoughts on the NFL’s Replacement Referee Situation


Share Your Thoughts on the NFL's Replacement Referee SituationThe NFL’s referee situation went from bad to worse on Monday night in Seattle, as the league’s integrity has been called into question like never before.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has taken a lot of heat throughout the first three weeks of the regular season for the league’s use of replacement officials. The league, of course, has been unwilling to give in to the demands of the regular officials, and that has fans up in arms about the lack of expertise demonstrated by the replacements.

The referee issue seems even stranger to most fans because the regular officials’ demands are relatively low when stacked up against the league’s overall revenue. In other words, Goodell is coming off as if he’s playing hardball, and that has created a public relations nightmare.

The ending of Monday night’s Packers-Seahawks game summed up the frustrating first few weeks in a nutshell. Russell Wilson threw up a hail mary bid that both Seahawks receiver Golden Tate and Packers safety M.D. Jennings came down with, and the play was ruled a touchdown for Seattle. Upon further review, the play stood, and the Seahawks walked away victorious despite what appeared to be a terrible call by the officials.

Fans, players, celebrities and sports personalities have all taken to Twitter in the hours since Monday’s debacle, and the backlash against the NFL’s referee situation has been stronger than ever.

We want to hear your thoughts on the NFL’s ongoing issue, though.

What advice would you give to Goodell? What message do you have for the replacement refs? When will we see the regular refs return to work? What should the league do about Monday’s result?

There’s been a dark cloud cast over the NFL, and we want readers to chime in about how the league can save itself from the destructive path it’s on?

Leave your comments in the comments section below, and share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #NFLrefs.

The best tweets will be used on NESN Daily on Tuesday night.

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