Vote: Which Boston Athlete Would You Most Like to See on Twitter?


Vote: Which Boston Athlete Would You Most Like to See on Twitter?Twitter has become an absolutely uniquitous part of everyday life for most everyone who's ever remotely plugged in online in their day-to-day lives. Like much of social media, the tool allows everyday people to connect with celebrities and experts in a much more personal way than ever before, sometimes a little too much, in fact.

As we saw on Thursday, when in the wrong hands Twitter can be detrimental to the cause of journalism, but that isn't too say it isn't invaluable in terms of fact-finding and keeping up with all the minute-to-minute stories. Aside from that, who doesn't like to find another beautiful pic of Wayne Gretzky's daughter in their feed?

Athletes, as well, have made great use of Twitter, using it to connect with fans, share their life away from whatever game they play or just starting a good old-fashioned feud. But that being said, it's amazing how many people still aren't on the site.

Tom Brady might be one of the most famous men in America not to make use of Twitter, and the company itself has taken notice. On Thursday, Twitter's own CEO said that the New England quarterback would be the person he'd most like to see join — but their common Michigan alumni status may be a disclaimer.

In fact, there are a number of high-profile Boston athletes who do not appear to make use of the social media tool — even though they surely like to be heard.

Former Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas has certainly never been one to eschew a platform, but although he has a public Facebook page he isn't sharing his views 140 characters at a time. Dustin Pedroia, meanwhile, is all about keeping dirty laundry in-house, but Red Sox fans would definitely be interested to hear what's on the mind of the team's emotional leader.

Kevin Garnett has also never been shy to share his feelings with the media, making it all the more surprising he, too, isn't on Twitter. Likewise, with his somewhat bizarre behavior at times, Alfredo Aceves would certainly be someone Boston sports fans wouldn't mind having a window into the mind of.

So, what's your take? Which Boston athlete would you most like to see on Twitter?

Which Boston athlete would you most like to see on Twitter?

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