Alabama Defensive Lineman LaMichael Fanning Delivers Brutal, WWE-Style Tackle Against Missouri (Video)


If LaMichael Fanning‘s football career doesn’t pan out, a transition to pro wrestling might not be too far-fetched.

Fanning showed Saturday that he likely has what it takes to turn some heads in the WWE. With Alabama leading Missouri 42-10 in the fourth quarter, Fanning grabbed running back Russell Hansbrough and delivered a brutal back suplex, which drew the ire of the game’s commentators and Hansbrough’s teammates.

The tackle was something straight out of Monday Night Raw, with Hansbrough crashing down on his head. The play resulted in a 15-yard penalty, but the commentators feel as though a suspension should be in order.

While we’ll have to wait and see if any supplemental discipline is handed down, Missouri’s offensive line wanted to hold court on the gridiron, going right after Fanning on back-to-back downs. Fanning even lost his helmet on the second play, although there’s probably some players in the Missouri locker room who wish his head was still in it.

Check out the controversial tackle in the video below.

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