How will NFL coaches and general managers feel about a player who decided to get "YOLO" tattooed on his face?

Alabama defensive tackle Jesse Williams may be asking that question in April when he prepares for the NFL draft. The talented Australian-born potential first-round pick has the acronym — which stands for "you only live once" — tattooed in front of his left ear.

That's not Williams' only interesting tattoo, he also has, "I stopped checking for the monster under the bed when I realised the monster is me" written across his right hand. At least that one isn't on his face; nor is it the 2010s equivalent of having "groovy" tattooed on your noggin.

Fortunately for Williams, he'll likely never have to face the pressure of walking into a job interview afraid of what his potential employers will think of his life decisions. Williams has the potential to be a dominant nose tackle in the NFL, and for teams, that may be all that matters.

Check out Williams' face tattoo in the picture below.

Alabama Defensive Tackle Jesse Williams Has 'YOLO' Face Tattoo (Photo)

Photo via Twitter/@nfldraftscout