Buffalo Bills Ball Boy Fails Miserably, Injures Self While Trying to Corral Bouncing Pigskin (Video)


Don't expect any Bobby Boucher type stories coming out of Buffalo this year.

Those who watched Sunday's Patriots-Bills game might have noticed an overzealous ball boy completely bite it, showing that all athletic undertakings up in Buffalo should be limited to those actually on the Bills.

As the replay shows, the ball boy looks to corral a bouncing ball just beyond the end zone, and the results weren't pretty. In his defense, the ball boy faced some stifling defense from one of his colleagues, so it wasn't exactly the easiest play in the world. Based on the "if it hits your hands, you've got to catch it" theory, however, this guy totally choked.

The botched play is pretty embarrassing itself, but the real humiliation comes from the guy's theatrical response in the wake of his failures.

Check out the entire debacle in the video below. Also be sure to enjoy the camera operator's uncontainable giggling.

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