Cal Ripken Jr.’s Twin, ‘Carl,’ Calls Wild Card Game for TBS (Photo)


TBS has been the underdog of Major League Baseball broadcasting for several years, with the rights to show playoff games but not always the respect that comes with it.

That's because the network has had a poor track record, with broadcasting mishaps in the regular season and beyond. That continued during Friday night's wild card telecast, with Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. on air to help call the game.

Just one problem: Thanks to some standout graphics, Ripken appeared on the screen as "Carl Ripken Jr."

Could it be that the Orioles legend has a doppelganger with a similar name? Is this Ripken's long-lost twin? Is Cal trying to segue into a fast food career with a name change?

Nope. Just TBS with another fail. Check it out in the photo below.

Cal Ripken Jr.'s Twin, 'Carl,' Calls Wild Card Game for TBS (Photo)

Photo via Twitter/@CamdenChat

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