In professional sports, it’s tradition to drape locker rooms with plastic tarps in preparation for the winning team’s champagne shower. But what happens to all that plastic when a team blows its chance to end the series?

The Detroit Tigers’ clubhouse was prepared for some serious bottle-popping on Wednesday night with the Tigers three outs away from eliminating the Oakland Athletics. Unfortunately for the Tigers, they couldn’t hold a two-run lead as a Coco Crisp walk-off single spoiled Detroit’s party plans and required some cleanup in the visitors’ clubhouse.

Anthony Witrado of Sporting News posted this picture on Twitter last night, which shows a pile of plastic wrap that at one point was hanging in the Tigers’ locker room.  It’s a depressing image of what happens when a team comes so close to winning a series and can’t seal the deal.

One can only hope that party planners will be recycling, as they’ll definitely need plenty of plastic wrap on Thursday night when Oakland and Detroit wrap up their five-game series.

Check out the photo below to see what was left of the win that wasn’t mean to be.

Tigers' Ninth-Inning Meltdown Means Untimely Death for Plastic Wrap in Detroit Clubhouse (Photo)
Photo via Twitter/@WitradoSN