College Sports Fans Keep Finding Crazy New Ways to Show Off Team Pride (Video)


NFL fans are a crazy breed. College football fans are perhaps even crazier.

While some areas of the country place more emphasis on the college game than others, there’s no denying that college football fans are a passionate bunch. Just ask Jake Robinson, the North Carolina State fan whose recent shirtless celebration during N.C. State’s win over Florida State went viral.

Robinson is hardly the only college football maniac out there, though. Every Saturday, countless fans continue to take their fandom to a whole new level, with unique celebrations, traditions and superstitions changing the game as we know it.

College basketball fans, meanwhile, are just as passionate. Whether they’re storming the court or going crazy in the comfort of their homes, the pride is undeniable.

ESPN brings you the stories of these fans who continue to push the limits when it comes to their passion. Be sure to follow ESPN Unite on Twitter @UNITE, and check out the video above.

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