Denard Robinson
may not be the most gifted passer in College Football, but his running ability gives the Michigan offense a chance to break a big play at any moment. Even without a shoe.

The man they call "Shoelace" used his speed, quickness, agility and tough feet to cut through the Illinois defense for 33-yards on Saturday, and he picked up half of his yards with just one shoe. Robinson earned the nickname because he doesn't tie his shoes when he's playing. You'd think this would happen to him more often.

Robinson may not be a quarterback at the next level, but his running ability could still make him a high draft pick. Robinson had 676-yards rushing coming into Sunday's game against the Illini. We'll see if NFL coaches put a nix to his shoelace-less ways.

Watch Robinson's great shoeless run in the video below.

Robinson broke another impressive run for a 49-yard touchdown later in the game.

The Wolverines' quarterback finished the game with 128 yards and two touchdowns on the ground with another 159 yards in the air off just seven completions, two going for touchdowns. He also eclipsed 10,000 total yards in his career in Michigan's 45-0 drubbing of Illinois.