Detroit Columnist Doesn’t Like AT&T Park Cuisine, Calls San Francisco ‘Strange Baseball Town’


Detroit Columnist Doesn't Like AT&T Park Cuisine, Calls San Francisco 'Strange Baseball Town'San Francisco is known as one of the most progressive cities in the world, famous not only for its water-adjacent beauty but for everything from its art, music, general culture and food. Detroit? It may have its automobile, blue-collar charm, but otherwise — not so much.

So maybe Detroit Free Press columnist Jeff Seidel is just jealous?

In a hacky column printed on Tuesday, Seidel's byline was attached to a headline which reads "OK, I'll say it, San Francisco is a strange baseball town." His main arguments as to why San Francisco is so atypical? Well, the food, and … mostly just the food.

"AT&T Park isn't a baseball stadium," writes Seidel. "It's an exotic food court that happens to have a baseball field."

Among his "arguments", Seidel lists the cuisine at AT&T — fried calamari, wine, sweet potato fries, crab sandwiches and margaritas. He also notes that the stadium has a Build-a-Bear Workshop in the outfield, and Christmas lights adorning palm trees outside the gates.

But perhaps the most bizarre hangup Seidel has is in regards to the giant glove and slide beyond left field. He seems particularly perturbed that there's a kid's slide out there.

Why is that weird? Because Detroit's Comerica Park actually has a carousel in the outfield.

Whatever your feeling on AT&T Park's alternative cuisine, they still sell hot dogs and beer, and there are plenty of fans who still rely on those old stand-bys. But why not take advantage of some of the local options, and appeal to a wider audience? Baseball food can't be a little progressive, too?

Deadspin laid into Seidel, using the word "idiot" any number of times to describe the column. We won't go that far, but we will suggest that, perhaps, Seidel should attend more than one game before using his soapbox to share his opinions.

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Detroit Columnist Doesn't Like AT&T Park Cuisine, Calls San Francisco 'Strange Baseball Town'
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