Doc Rivers Knows of Two, Possibly Three Heat Players Who Are ‘A Lot Better Than Ray’ Allen (Video)


WALTHAM, Mass. — Doc Rivers and the Celtics have been busy
all week preparing for the regular season, which begins Tuesday against the
Miami Heat.

The Heat are a familiar foe, and not only because the
Celtics faced them seven times in last year's Eastern Conference Finals. The
Heat also happen to employ a certain ex-Celtics guard who has kept the local
media in Miami busy with his daily accounts of why he chose to leave Boston in the offseason.

By having to face questions about Ray Allen almost every day
after practice, the Celtics might be more than a little motivated to stick it
to the Heat. As long as his players do not lose sight of LeBron James, Dwyane
and Chris Bosh, that extra incentive is not entirely a bad thing in
Rivers' mind.

"I don't mind that," Rivers said Friday at the Celtics practice facility. "I don't
think it's Ray. I think it's more the Heat. There may be several guys who want
to play against Ray, and Ray may want to play against several guys. This is not
going to be a Ray-versus-the-Celtics game. If it becomes that, we're going to
lose by a lot of points because as good as Ray is, I know of two guys for sure
and probably three guys that are a lot better than Ray on that team. If we're
focusing on Ray, we're going to lose by 40."

Allen lobbed another broadside on Thursday when he said
Rivers and other members of the Celtics never reached out to him in the
offseason. Rivers contended on Friday that he tried to call Allen, but declined to

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