Doc Rivers Weighs in on NBA’s New 90-Second Rule, Thinks It Needs to Change a Bit


Doc Rivers Weighs in on NBA's New 90-Second Rule, Thinks It Needs to Change a BitThe NBA's new 90-second pregame handshake limit should save time, but Celtics coach Doc Rivers has some concerns about the new rule.

Kevin Durant already expressed his displeasure, and it stems from the length of his pregame ritual, but Rivers thinks the rule could actually be hurting the coaches.

"I think they forgot that the coach actually has to draw up a play before the opening [tip]," Rivers said, according to "You usually do that. ? I like why we're doing it. I just think we need to rethink the time. Ninety seconds is not enough. We probably need 30 more seconds or a minute."

The new rule being enforced by the NBA says that players will now have 90 seconds from the time pregame introductions end to return to the court and be ready for the game's opening tip.

Rivers even understands where the players are coming from in their concerns, which is understandable when you consider Kevin Garnett's usual ritual before games underneath the basket.

"Guys have routines for years," Rivers reportedly said. "Fans enjoy the routines. You're taking something away. I just think another 30 seconds or a minute."

Hey, 30 seconds never hurt anyone. After all, the final 30 seconds of clock time in a basketball game typically lasts 45 minutes anyways.

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