Doug Fister ‘OK’ After Line Drive to Head, But Close Call Stirs Pitching Helmet Debate (Video)


Doug Fister, you animal.

Everyone who watched Game 2 of the World Series on Thursday night probably had the same reaction when Fister was drilled in the head by a line drive in the second inning: “Oooooh!” That “Oooooh!” was probably then followed by, “How the hell is he still standing?” (And if you didn’t have that reaction, well, then I’m just offended.)

Nevertheless, the line drive that Fister took to his noggin appeared brutal at first glance — that’s if you caught it at first glance. The ball ricocheted so far off Fister’s head into center field that it seemed safe to assume he had gotten a piece of it with his glove. Replays showed that wasn’t the case, though, as it instead him him directly on the side of the head.

Fortunately, Fister was OK. Not only was he still standing, but he was able to continue pitching — and pitch effectively. The line drive was still being talked about after the game, though, with Fister brushing off any concerns.

“I’m not concerned,” Fister said. “I have a minor bump. According to my dad, my whole life the saying has always been that if I got hit in the head, I’m OK and that’s how I’m taking it.”

Fister might not be concerned about his injury, but there are others, including MLB analyst Tim McCarver, wondering whether Major League Baseball will ever consider making it a requirement for pitchers to wear helmets.

It might look a little goofy, but Brandon McCarthy‘s injury earlier this season really showed just how damaging a line drive can be. McCarthy, while now in good spirits, suffered a fractured skull upon being struck in the head by a line drive, and he was immediately the person many baseball fans thought of while watching Fister on Thursday.

It’s hard to imagine a pitcher taking the mound in a helmet, but MLB did pass a rule in the wake of Mike Coolbaugh‘s death in 2007 that requires base coaches to wear a helmet. Hopefully, if MLB does pass a similar rule when it comes to pitchers, it doesn’t take something quite as serious for them to finally pull the trigger.

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Doug Fister 'OK' After Line Drive to Head, But Close Call Stirs Pitching Helmet Debate (Video)

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