Drew Bledsoe Played Golf With Alan Embree, And Former Red Sox Reliever’s Driver Ended Up in Pond (Photo)


Two big figures in recent New England sports history got together to play golf a couple of weeks ago, and one of them lost a driver — in a pond.

There isn't much information, but according to the Twitter page of former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe, he recently played golf with former Red Sox reliever Alan Embree. The two are apparently friends, as the golf outing would indicate. Also, a quick Google search for Bledsoe and Embree points to a couple of charity events in which both were involved. So they're chummy. 

Not only do we know that they played golf recently, but we also know that Embree's driver somehow ended up in a pond. Golf is a difficult sport, and it's even more difficult when your driver is floating in a pond. How it got there? We're not sure at this point. Hopefully Embree threw it in there in a fit of rage (hilarious visual), but he may have also just lost his grip, and the driver came to rest in an unfortunately placed body of water. And does this look like the face of a man who would do anything in a fit of rage?

We know that Embree's driver ended up in pond because Bledsoe, like any good Twitter user, snapped a picture and put it on Twitter. 

We also don't know whether or not Embree got his driver back, but Bledsoe sounds like he would have jumped in after, if he was left-handed.

The Patriots Hall of Famer has shed at least a little bit of light on the situation, while needling Embree at the same time. He tweeted this Tuesday afternoon.

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