Four-Year-Old Cardinals Fan Cries Over St. Louis’ NLCS Defeat (Video)


Cats and kids. Those are the two subjects the Internet has provided infinite videos of.

Well, one Cardinals-fan family recently put their four-year-old to bed during the fifth inning of Game 7 of the NLCS, and, suffice to say, the child was not pleased that his team was down 7-0 in an eventual 9-0 loss to the Giants, eliminating them from the postseason. Luckily one of the parents was rolling their cell-phone camera during this ritual and captured their son's unhappy reaction to the imminent defeat — it's pretty cute.

Being good parents, they clearly tried to console him as best they could, repeating some phrases he'll likely have to use again during his adult years — "There's always next year." — but hey, a postseason without a championship always feels a little empty.

Someone, please, please don't tell this kid there's a team named the Rams.

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